WHY your ERP is NOT Delivering and HOW to FIX it!

For over thirty years DR JAMES A ROBERTSON has been diagnosing why ERP investments are failing or under performing and prescribing how to turn those projects around and leading delivery - that expertise is available to you today.

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Professional Engineer with diverse ERP experience stretching over 30 years ensures a highly relevant high quality outcome for your project.

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Business and ERP.

We will quickly and accurately analyse and understand your business and your ERP or other business system.

Holding up your situation against my very varied experience troubleshooting and resolving ERP problems.

Services We Provide

ERP Troubleshooting

ERP Troubleshooting

With my diverse and deep ERP experience I will rapidly diagnose the fundamentals of why your ERP or other business system or IT Department is not delivering and prescribe a practical and achievable treatment..

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Strategic Project Leadership

Strategic Project Leadership

Project Management Plus — executive-level strategic project leadership working closely with your executive team to deliver an exceptional strategically aligned and supportive high-value solution enabling your organisation to fly.

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Rigorous Procurement

Rigorous Procurement

Rigorous tender-based ERP procurement using proven methods, comprehensive standard request for proposal document (RFP) with certificate-based management.  Quickly and reliably evaluate the best ERP and best implementer to deliver an exceptional high-value outcome.

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Technology Advisory

Technology Advisory

Comprehensive advisory services with regard to any technology aspects impacting your ERP or other business information system.

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Precision Configuration

Precision Configuration

We use our proprietary methods to guide your team to exceptional high quality, strategically aligned configuration that delivers exceptional operational and strategic efficiency to your system and your organisation.  We make your organisation fly!

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Stategic planning

Strategic Planning

We offer exceptionally effective light touch high-impact strategic planning that gives rise to actionable plans that are easily and effectively executed with high levels of buy-in and adoption.

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ERP Implementation is fundamentally an engineering endeavour

According to Gartner, ERP implementation failure rates exceed 75%, McKinsey estimates that more than 70% of all digital transformations fail.

As a qualified Professional Engineer who has undertaken numerous diagnostic investigations into failed and sub-optimal ERP implementations I have shown conclusively that an engineering approach to ERP implementation is vital.  I have developed seven critical factors that give rise to ERP implementation failure and seven critical factors for ERP implementation success — they are not what you might expect!

Diverse expertise guarantees a high value outcome

Through diverse career experience I bring a level of innovative structured thinking that has resulted in a deep understanding of what really matters concerning ERP implementation.

  • Formal professional engineering training -- how to prevent failure
  • Economics and business grounding -- what makes organizations successful
  • Strategy -- the essence of the organizaiton and how it thrives
  • Software coding -- fundamentals of how software and databases work
  • MIltary training at the regimental commander level -- the essence of rapid decision making
  • ERP troubleshooting -- deep understanding of what causes ERP failure and how to achieve success -- dozens of investigations
  • Diverse information classification and taxonomy experience leading to precision configuration
  • Diverse successful projects that have delivered high value strategic outcomes -- how to make ERP work as promised

My goal is to raise the bar of ERP implementation to achieve exceptional client value and enable all practitioners to reach this level.

Dr James RobertsonCEO James A Robertson and Associate Limited


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  • “Following the initial project we undertook with Dr Robertson our company applied his principles on new projects resulting in a far greater percentage of successful projects and customers who got what they expected.
    “At all times I have found James to be reliable, hard-working and dedicated to ensuring that he achieves the results he promises. His engineering background supports the attention to detail he achieves in his projects and the logical approach to his work.
    “I would recommend James to an organisation in need of a person who is extremely skilled at rescuing a failed project or assisting a company in need of improvement in order to make decisions which will ensure its future success or extract new value from the organisation.”

    Sean Stuttaford
    CEO of ERP Implementer
  • “I am writing to recommend Dr James Robertson to any organisation that needs to rescue a project gone wrong, or indeed to manage any project with a high risk profile or need for rapid delivery. There are projects where an ordinary project manager will do. But if you have a challenging project on your hands, Dr Robertson is your man.”

    Paul Leigh
  • “… after 18 months we still did not have a solution … they kept blaming us … after engaging Dr James within 48 hours we had got our head around what the issues were … totally inappropriate solution … we knew what the way forward … for the first time in 18 months there was clarity of vision regarding what had to be done”

    Anthony Lee
    CEO Transport Holdings
  • “I have worked with James a few years back and we have kept in touch, seriously impressive guy. … I would not recommend the guy unless he was truly one of a kind.”

    Gabriel de Olivera
    Sales Executive of SAP Regional Office
  • “he was outstanding in all aspects, especially in professionalism and delivery … … I have not met another IT person quite as professional as James Robertson”

    Carlos Schleich

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