Complimentary one hour consultation

Complimentary one hour consultation

Gartner reports that over 75% of ERP implementations fail.  The Financial Mail states that “19 out of 20 ERP Implementations do not deliver what was promised”!

My name is Dr James Robertson, I have significant proven ERP experience troubleshooting and turning around failed and sub-optimal ERP projects.  I am known as “The ERP Doctor” because of the number of sub-optimal ERP situations I have diagnosed and prescribed solutions for.

I have a doctorate in engineering and am a certified Professional Engineer based on over thirty years in ERP engineering practice and I bring all the rigour, precision and effectiveness of operation of my engineering training and experience to your ERP project!

I am also a retired regimental military commander and I bring that discipline and understanding of the requirements for fast, accurate, effective, results orientated decision making to my work.  Bad military decisions kill people and bad ERP decisions kill businesses!  I enable you to make the right decisions.

In addition I have four years’ experience in economics and economic analysis so I deeply understand what is required to achieve profitable operation.  One of my hallmark attributes is to run ERP projects in such a way that they enable increased profitability.


What IS ERP success?

  1. Executives can get the information they need from the ERP when they need it (this is not a technology issue) – “answers to the questions I have not yet thought to ask”.


  1. The ERP enables the business to run the way the leadership wants. (again not a technology issue).


  1. The ERP models every aspect of the business and is totally integrated.


  1. The ERP runs smoothly, with very little technology operational management, entirely reliable and dependable.


  1. Reports are available at a touch of a button and do not require expensive consultants to generate and maintain.


  1. Different reports on the same data all correlate and agree without human intervention.


  1. The ERP assists the business to run efficiently and


  1. The ERP supports differentiation and is strategically aligned with the essence of the business.


  1. The business is more profitable after the commissioning of the ERP.

Getting to yes

If you cannot say an unequivocal “yes” to all the above points you need to talk to me.

Technology is seldom a factor in getting to “yes” on the above points and that includes which ERP you are using.  Strategically implemented using my methods, just about any ERP is capable of delivering the above outcomes.

In my career I have conducted dozens of diagnostic “Pulse Measurements”, short, sharp light touch investigations to diagnose why ERP implementations were not delivering and in some cases were trashing the business.  The output is a concise report listing seven critical findings diagnosing the problems being experienced and seven critical recommendations prescribing the required actions to remediate.

This report is concise, in plain English, easily understood by executives, and actionable!

In some cases I have turned around situations that have dragged the business down for months in as little as two days.

I offer a full range of advisory services with regard to actioning my recommendations.  This ranges from high level light touch advisory to full blown strategic project leadership in which I take over the project and run it in close consultation with management until the system is fully commissioned and delivering required benefits.

In the extreme case where it really IS necessary to abandon the existing system I will take you through a comprehensive, well-honed process based on Engineering practice to produce a comprehensive tender pack.  This includes a proven “Request for Proposal” of 40 to 50 pages.  This is supported by a full pack of supporting documentation that comprehensively documents the project. This  enables you to have a robust, enforceable contract that protects the business to the maximum extent possible.  This includes an enforceable fixed price and comprehensive specification of how the project is to be run.  This approach is geared to putting the interests of the client first while being fair to the ERP implementer.


Complimentary one-hour consultation at your convenience

At this juncture I would like to invite you to a Zoom call with me at your convenience for a one hour no obligation consultation to discuss your ERP issues and evaluate whether I am the right person to assist you to resolve them.

If you would like to take me up on this offer please email me on  with a few dates and times that suit you.

I look forward to meeting you.



Dr James A Robertson

James A Robertson and Associates

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We would like to invite you to a Zoom call with The ERP Doctor at your convenience for a one hour no obligation consultation to discuss your ERP issues. We are confident that this one hour call will give you a really good idea of whether we can assist you or not. Please complete the form below.