Who is Dr James Robertson? — The ERP Doctor

ERP troubleshooter- Dr James Robertson

Who is Dr James Robertson? — The ERP Doctor

In order to give a better understanding of the James A Robertson and Associates approach to ERP services, following is an overview of the knowledge and experience of Dr James Robertson, the ERP Doctor:

    • First principles understanding — the benefit that the ERP Doctor offers your organization, is a deep first principles understanding of how software and ERP works, the experience of successfully implementing diverse ERP systems and the experience of investigating, successfully diagnosing and turning around dozens of failed and sub-optimal ERP implementations.  The value this brings is a highly effective and cost-effective solution to whatever ERP challenges you may be facing resulting in greatly reduced risk and greatly increased long-term organizational strategic and operational value and greater profit, however you define profit.
    • Engineering training — James Robertson is an Engineer by training who cut his teeth on business information systems in 1981 when he designed and built a solution that enabled the client to double turnover in twelve months by doing things that competitors could not do.  In 1987/8 he project-managed and partially architected the creation of a bespoke management information system for a consulting engineering firm that he worked for.  The solution was highly successful and went on to become an industry vertical ERP that is still in use in businesses today.
    • Range of Services — in the years that followed he built a boutique consulting business offering:

    1. Troubleshooting — ERP and business systems troubleshooting and turnaround – intense “Pulse       Measurements”.
    2. Training — ERP and business systems training “Why your ERP is not delivering and how to fix it!”, “The Critical Factors for IT Investment Success”, etcetera – concise insight into the REAL issues in ERP and business systems.
    3. Executive level leadership — executive level, client-centric, ERP and business system project leadership – aligning the solution with executive management and the strategic vision of the organization.
    4. Strategic planning — Strategic Planning based on the work of Professor Malcolm McDonald of Cranfield School of Management, Michel Robert and Michael Porter.
    5. Precision configuration — ERP and business system precision configuration – unlocking the full potential of your system.
    6. Robust procurement — ERP and business systems procurement through a highly structured tender process with comprehensive documentation – select the right product and the right implementer.

Case studies include:

  1. V3 Consulting Engineers — ERP implementation — greatly improved management information, reduced accounts department head count and greatly reduced audit time leading to unqualified financials and improved profitability.
  2. African Sales Company — ERP turnaround — greatly improved management information, high level of executive engagement, 12% revenue uplift almost overnight through securing the Dior account because ASCO could do things in terms of brand management that their competitors could not do.
  3. Foodcorp — Group Consolidation General Ledger — greatly improved management information in much less time consolidating financials for 12 group companies in the food sector.
  4. Pannar Seeds — strategic turnaround of IT Department – strategic process diagnosed reasons for departmental strife and dysfunction and provided a five-year plan that produced continuous year-on-year performance improvement.

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