Our credentials

The ERP Doctor credentials

Our credentials

Our credentials include:

Over 3 decades of experience with ERP implementation and troubleshooting.

Notable successes – turnarounds and implementations.

Graduate Professional Engineer – rigour and discipline with regard to all projects – we design implementations not to fail and thereby succeed.

Strong grounding in economics and business – how business makes money and how well implemented ERP underpins this.

Fundamental first principles understanding of software and databases and how they work.

Numerous troubleshooting investigations have given rise to a deep understanding of why ERP does not deliver and how to fix it.

Deep first principles experiential understanding of the factors that give rise to ERP implementation failure and the critical factors for success and how to apply these in practice.

Retired Regimental Commander – quick attack – fast paced, focus on the 20% that will deliver 80% of the benefit.

Extensive body of formal knowledge with regard to ERP issues including a large body of white papers, webinars and seminars including “Why your ERP is not delivering and how to fix it!”

In depth proprietary disciplines and practices with regard to “Precision Configuration”, the most practical factor required for exceptional ERP performance.