The problems we solve

ERP problem solution

The problems we solve

We solve the following problems and much more:

“We have spent a fortune on this ERP and it is not delivering what was promised!” – Gartner report that ERP failure and sub-optimal outcomes run to over 75% of projects – we fix this!

“I have three reports listing the same information and they do not agree!” — we fix this

“We have had this ERP for a number of years and it just does not meet our needs, we need to purchase a new ERP but we hear so many horror stories we don’t know where to begin!” — we fix this

“We have more personnel involved with the ERP than we think is necessary but we are unable to figure out how to cut back!” — we fix this

“It is years since we went live but we are still paying our implementers far more than we think is reasonable but cannot see how to reduce our dependence on them!” — we fix this

“The ERP is really not meeting our expectations, we think we probably bought the wrong system!” — we fix this

“The ERP is getting in the way of our stated customer service objectives!” — we fix this