Effective ERP business
I would like to discuss the sixthfactor required for ERP implementation success – “Effective ERP business integration, training, change facilitation, process specification” with a weight of 6% By business integration I mean that the ERP is integrated in the way the business operates and operates smoothly and intuitively – there are not a whole lot of manual processes and spreadsheets outside of the system.  To...
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Engineering Approach to ERP
Today I would like to discuss the sixth factor giving rise to ERP implementation failure –Failure to apply an Engineering Approach — with a weight of 6% What IS an Engineering Approach? By an Engineering Approach I mean – rigorous, systematic, formal, check and double check, laboratory, precision configuration, executive custody, strategic alignment, design against failure – an approach which encapsulates ALL the factors for...
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ERP implementation success
I would like to discuss the fifth factor required for ERP implementation success – “ERP BusinessSystems Laboratory – War Games” with a weight of 12%What do I mean by “Business Systems Laboratory”? Case Study The client was a medium size distributor of high end fragrances.The project was the re-implementation of a widely used ERP product.The Managing Director and major shareholder had worked closely with me...
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erp problem
According to Gartner, the ERP implementation failure rate exceeds 75%. Global consultancy McKinsey estimates that over 70% of all digital transformations fail due to ERP problems. In stark contrast, major construction engineering projects seldom fail such that it is headline news when a major engineering project fails. There is a huge difference! It is interesting to note that the above failure statistic covers ALL the...
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Cause of ERP Failure
In this article I would like to discuss the fourth factor giving rise to ERP implementation failure – “lack of precision configuration or, more accurately ‘sloppy configuration’” with a weight of 14% Sloppy Configuration – a Practical Example The client was a medium size mining company operating on two continents. They had implemented a world class Tier 1 ERP using a Big Four consultancy. At...
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Dr James A Robertson, The ERP Doctor, has over thirty years of experience with regard to troubleshooting, turning around and successfully implementing ERP and other business information systems.  He has written widely on the factors giving rise to the 75% plus level of ERP implementation failures and the factors required for successful implementation.

He is a thought leader who regularly challenges conventional wisdom with regard to ERP and has pioneered a range of highly effective methods with regard to high value ERP outcomes.