Tough Tender Based Strategic ERP Procurement

The ERP Doctor – Tough, Tender Based, Strategic ERP Procurement

Gartner reports that over 75% of ERP projects fail or materially under perform.  Inappropriate procurement is a big factor in this.  One of the key factors with ERP failure is that implementer ERP contracts are extremely one sided and protect the implementer at the cost of the client.  The ERP Doctor, with an engineering background, has over thirty years of experience assisting clients to make appropriate ERP procurement decisions and manage contracts and implementations to deliver high value outcomes.  More details elsewhere on the website.

If you need to replace your ERP and are worried about all the reports of ERP project failure, the ERP Doctor is the answer.

We offer a tough, tender based, strategic ERP procurement service.  This is based on proven methods and a substantial pack of tried and tested documents.  This includes a strong Request for Proposal document that ensures that all known issues that penalize the client are strongly addressed from a contractual and project management perspective and client interests are comprehensively protected. 

The entire process is grounded in the strategic drivers of the organization – why does it exist and how does it thrive.

In a concise process the ERP Doctor will engage with your business, document the requirement, develop rating criteria and facilitate the creation of a comprehensive, robust tender pack.  The ERP Doctor will then manage the procurement tender from start to finish ensuring that you are able to select the most appropriate software and the most appropriate implementer.  The end result is a thorough, tough, contract which safeguards your interests and a comprehensive implementation plan geared to a high value outcome.

The documentation is all in language that any Business Executive can understand.  We then offer a full spectrum of services in terms of strategic project leadership and precision configuration to deliver a high value outcome that enhances competitiveness and profitability.

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