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The critical factors causing ERP and other strategic project investment failure

Mythology, hype and tradition – 30% Inappropriate or ineffective executive custody, governance and corporate policy – 19% Lack of effective […]

The critical factors for ERP and other strategic project success

1. Effective Executive Custody – 25% 2. Effective Strategic definition and alignment – the Essence of the business – 22% […]

The problems we solve

We solve the following problems and much more: “We have spent a fortune on this ERP and it is not […]

The benefits of what we do

The benefits of what we do include but are not limited to: Tell you how to streamline the operation of […]

The results we produce

We produce the following results amongst others: Clear understanding of the real issues with regard to your ERP. Robust, tangible […]

Our credentials

Our credentials include: Over 3 decades of experience with ERP implementation and troubleshooting. Notable successes – turnarounds and implementations. Graduate […]

Executive briefing — why ERP not delivering

We periodically run an executive briefing on “Why your ERP is not delivering and how to fix it!” (Say goodbye […]

Who is Dr James Robertson? — The ERP Doctor

In order to give a better understanding of the James A Robertson and Associates approach to ERP services, following is […]